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[28 Dec 2005|04:44pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

BY: Kayc Panasuk
Written On: 9/25/05
Personal Narrative Essay
Theme: Suspense/Mystery

                                                                       With A Touch of Insanity

        So melancholy it was walking through the gray and feeling gray, wondering if I would make friends today, or ever. Would someone talk to me today?  Maybe I will make friends...just maybe.

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my mp3 [06 Nov 2005|12:15am]

my mp3 are available at http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?songs=435731&T=943

im interested in hear you opinion.

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[23 Aug 2005|03:29am]
Take me away, hold me tight.
Breathe life in my soul, pump blood through my veins.
Let me live in your heart, let me die in your eyes.

I am yours, do what you will.
Love me, hate me, tear me to pieces.
Do what you will, I am yours.

My breath is leaving, my muscles are tightening.
I seize the pain, I lament in it's glory.
For it's from you, and all is right.
For it's from you, and all is wrong.

Caress my fears, feed my doubts.
I live for the suffering, die for this love.
For I love you, and all is right.
For I love you, and all is wrong.

Take me away, strap me down.
I am yours, I am the possession.
Beat me, love me, kiss the life away.
Do what you will, I am yours.
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New Community for those who love to read [27 Jun 2004|05:48pm]

[ mood | Fine ]

(sorry if this is spamming, x-posted to many different communities. Feel free to delete if inappropriate)

I have a new community for those who love to read and write, recommend_books. Simply write a short book review, recommending a book to others. Once you have recommended a book, the title and author will be added to the Interests. Please join :)

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the rape victim series II [19 Mar 2004|08:34pm]


"he said it wouldn't hurt"

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[12 Mar 2004|09:24pm]
I'm new to the community.
Add me?
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Through Dangers Untold... [15 Oct 2003|07:07pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

In 1986, a fantasy film named Labyrinth was created by the Jim Henson Company, starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly as the two human actors in a magical world peopled by strange and wonderful creatures created by the Jim Henson Creature Shop.
Based on the Fighting Fantasy series of books created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston, I have created a role-play game in which you take on the role of Sarah, the film's heroine, and you have to traverse the Labyrinth from start to finish in order to rescue your baby brother Toby from Jareth, the Goblin King! Fight fireys, dance with Jareth, and decide whether you want to accept the Goblin King’s ultimate offer: “Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave!”
But, beware! The route you take will not be identical to the route that Sarah took in the film, and there are pitfalls and red herrings all along the way. Before you begin please make a note of the time you start, the number of times you fail, and the time you finish, as it will be used to determine whether you have achieved a High Score once you have completed the Labyrinth.
Can you defeat the Goblin King?


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[24 Sep 2003|06:39pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

My first quiz! I'm both excited and nervous. I hope it's good and everyone likes it. There's a cool link in the results for those of you who like such things. I hope you all like it! Thanks to everyone who has welcomed me and added me to their friends list. Enjoy!



You are the charismatic leader of the night.
Seductive and beautiful, you lure humans to
their deaths for their precious blood. Since
you are dead already and as tough as they come,
you are secure, condifent, and nearly

Welcome to the shadows!

And now that you know who you are, take my hand and
join me in a trip to the unknown....

with me and live forever....

What Evil Creature of the Night are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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[24 Sep 2003|02:33am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

*waves sheepishly*

Hi everyone. My name is Tatiyana, and I'm brand new to LJ and everything on here. I just joined a whole bunch of communities that sounded like places I mind find people like me or interesting things to do. I am from Connecticut and am very into all things dark and mystical. The more bizarre and unusual, the better it is for me. I've just discovered the joy of making quizes so from time to time I may post a quiz I've made if that's okay with everyone. I have one nearly done now, so I'll try and get it up tomorrow night.

Well, I hope that's enough of an intro for you! I'm kind of nervous, so go easy on me, okay? Nice to meet you all, and I'll talk to you again soon!

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[19 Jun 2003|01:58pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hello. My name is Shannon and I joined your community since I love to write and no one on my friend's list really responds other than to say "Cool." So I figured I would give this a try...here is one of the ones I wrote a few days ago. Thanks for reading this. I made a cut to save all of you the time if you do not want to read it! Ciao!

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Hello. My name is Shannon and I joined your community since I love to write and no one on my friend's list really responds other than to say "Cool." So I figured I would give this a try...here is one of the ones I wrote a few days ago. Thanks for reading this. I made a cut to save all of you the time if you do not want to read it! Ciao!

<ljcut"Nik's Party">
Reeling, and spinning
lights smiling at me.
Old memories attempting to resurface,
drowning them on street corners
and on couch cushions.

Such love,
such peace,
so much I care little if it is cliche.

Heat so alive my body begged,
a quiet night with him right there
and lying in the cold, wet grass.

So what if I didn't say all
I should have said to the one
who waited for it.

My heart belongs to someone else.

My heart belongs to the one
with flickers of fire
in his hair and in his heart.

The sounds of piano
and laughter
and silence from those whose bodies
retired for the night
was just what I needed to be reminded
of how beautiful we all really are.</ljcut>
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Pathetic Poetry [10 Apr 2003|02:02am]

[ mood | apathetic ]


You chose a path to follow
and I loved you
but not the way you wanted me to
gave all that I could
tried to bring you up
make you feel the self worth
that you chose to ignore
I never tried to change you
but you came to resent me
for whom you realized
I could never be
Rejected our devotion
denied the only one who ever knew you
your glances became mendacious
all my attempts became frivolous
you are no longer the girl I knew
and this new façade
will never cover up the truth
because I am still a part of you
I know every insecurity
the reason behind your adultery
and you cannot hide from me
with each new mask you may hide
but time only brings me closer
to the spark that is lost within you

-MNS, 2003
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Interesting.... [03 Apr 2003|06:39am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Are you damned?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

You can laugh at the silly superstitions of the religious, safe in the knowledge that we are only dust and lies. All that will be left of you after you die is a slow decay and some fading memories in the minds of your friends. Hope you're enjoying your life at the moment- there's nothing better to come.
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Chapter Two [07 Nov 2002|12:13am]

[ mood | creative ]

Okay, well here is chapter two of my story. I thought I would post it here, since not much has been said here. Hope you like it, but it's very long. 17 pages so I suggest you read it if you're bored only. It's sad though... But if you do read it, please comment...

Chpater one is also on here if you need to read something again.

Arith had closed his eyes for a moment and the second he opened them he was faced with the gray skies looming over the continent of Mort. As he watched them, he could tell a storm was coming in and the moon would not be showing over there. Wanting to be away from that sky, he turned and walked over to the other end of the air ship deck, leaning over the railing to see the sky of Nais. The sun was setting over there and the sky was a soft shade of purple as the day entered into night fall. The stars were small specks in the sky yet, but soon they would be huge. Terre was odd, he thought, how the skies were. Nais and Milieu shared normal skies while the one above Mort was always dreary, but he guessed that was due to the belief that Ciel did not favor Mort very much at all.

In any case opening his eyes to Nais made him start thinking of more things as the air ship flew over the ocean on its way. Today, he could have seriously gotten hurt today and risked the life of his best friend. What for? Some treasure hunting. He sighed as he raised his head, shaking it softly, his cat ears lowering some. He could have died and never seen the skies of Nais again.

Suddenly, all this adventurer and treasure hunting stuff seemed so silly. He was always seemed to put it before everything, before his wife Lore and his son Tempest. A wave of guilt washed over him and he looked down as the air ship crossed over the port docks along the coast line on the Nais continent. Soon, they would land near the town, his birthplace of Emfei Fien. He would have to explain to Lore again about how he screwed up and at that thought, he groaned softly.

"Are you thinking about if Lore is going to hit you over the head with a frying pan or not?" Kes said as he walked up behind him suddenly.

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.... [05 Oct 2002|07:55am]

[ mood | mellow ]

Here's some more mindless dribble from my vault....

Abandon MeCollapse )

EntwinedCollapse )

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[05 Oct 2002|04:03am]

[ mood | creative ]

Mia asked me to post my fantasy story's chapter when I was done writing it and since I finally finished it, here it is. it's kind of long, like nine page, so I don't expect anyone to really read it.

If you want to read the prologue first, it can be found at my site, in my writings section called Tierra: The Wars of Ciel and Enfer, but for now, here is chapter one.

There were sounds echoing off of the cavernous walls of the ruins, making small drops of water that came from the roofs fall down onto the floor. The echoing was produced by a hammering noise in the depths of the Aesta Ruins where the workers, no we shouldn’t even call them workers, but the slaves where excavating for something because Zorias had seized them and ordered them too. They had been in the darkness for three weeks at a time digging and digging through the endless layer of stone seeming to for no reason. They wondered if it was all a joke; if this was all meaningless. Had they done something wrong? Who knew. Some of them had even died when boulders “accidentally” collapsed, but they never knew what they had died for.

During their free time, they had gathered together and thought about starting a revolt, but the fact remained was that Zorias was just too strong. Some had said he was a Larvae from Ashtaire and that only made him more dangerous, for he was breed of hatred and cruelty. The Larvaes were demented spirits, infused with black magic and all of the rage and anger that Enfer could have possessed himself. However, they didn’t see how that was possible, since Ashtaire was taken in a battle against the continent of Ciel where all the Larvaes were destroyed.

On top of that, Zorias was young. He was only 15 and many of them doubted his strength and thought he was just boasting. However, whispers and rumors of ways he had made people scream by punishing and torturing them spread through out. Though they wanted freedom from the ruins more then anything, they did not want to find out if those rumors were true. So, they kept their mouths shut and went on digging and hammering in hopes that one day they would be perhaps let go.

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.... [04 Oct 2002|08:16am]

[ mood | cynical ]

Noticed the new community after browsing through Adria's entries.... so....

MayCollapse )

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Weeping Willow [01 Oct 2002|10:32pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Well, since this is my community, I might as well be the first to post a short story of mine. Also, this might help those of you who are not quite sure how to post in here.

Anyway, I am feeling quite relaxed and calm right now, so here is a short story I wrote awhile ago. It doesn't have a particular theme so I consider it a Miscellaneous piece. Enjoy =)

Weeping Willow

The young, fragile woman sat on the old, rotting dock. She closed her weary eyes, oblivious to the tiny minnows nipping at her small, callused feet that soaked in the cool, calm water below her. A smile hinted on her thin lips when she heard the long limbs of her favorite weeping willow tree dance in the gentle breeze behind her. She felt her friend, the cool breeze, lift her hair off her aching shoulders, to travel down her spine to caress the knotted muscles in her back.

This was her home...

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