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Chapter Two

Okay, well here is chapter two of my story. I thought I would post it here, since not much has been said here. Hope you like it, but it's very long. 17 pages so I suggest you read it if you're bored only. It's sad though... But if you do read it, please comment...

Chpater one is also on here if you need to read something again.

Arith had closed his eyes for a moment and the second he opened them he was faced with the gray skies looming over the continent of Mort. As he watched them, he could tell a storm was coming in and the moon would not be showing over there. Wanting to be away from that sky, he turned and walked over to the other end of the air ship deck, leaning over the railing to see the sky of Nais. The sun was setting over there and the sky was a soft shade of purple as the day entered into night fall. The stars were small specks in the sky yet, but soon they would be huge. Terre was odd, he thought, how the skies were. Nais and Milieu shared normal skies while the one above Mort was always dreary, but he guessed that was due to the belief that Ciel did not favor Mort very much at all.

In any case opening his eyes to Nais made him start thinking of more things as the air ship flew over the ocean on its way. Today, he could have seriously gotten hurt today and risked the life of his best friend. What for? Some treasure hunting. He sighed as he raised his head, shaking it softly, his cat ears lowering some. He could have died and never seen the skies of Nais again.

Suddenly, all this adventurer and treasure hunting stuff seemed so silly. He was always seemed to put it before everything, before his wife Lore and his son Tempest. A wave of guilt washed over him and he looked down as the air ship crossed over the port docks along the coast line on the Nais continent. Soon, they would land near the town, his birthplace of Emfei Fien. He would have to explain to Lore again about how he screwed up and at that thought, he groaned softly.

"Are you thinking about if Lore is going to hit you over the head with a frying pan or not?" Kes said as he walked up behind him suddenly.

Arith looked back over his shoulder to Kes who just came out of the air ship's cabin where the captain was and onto the outside deck. Arith nodded slowly, almost seeming to gulp as if fearing the face of death, and then turned his head back ahead. Kes did the same, watching and holding onto the railing as the air ship circled the fields for a spot to land near by the village of Emfei Fien.

"I miss her... but I would rather face Zorias without a sword then the wrath of Lore with a frying pan," Arith replied.

Kes chuckled softly, holding a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing any harder at the face Arith was making now. He then held his hand a bit tighter on the railing as the air ship started to dock on the spot it had found in the field. They landed as close as they could to the ground with a soft thud and the propellers of the ship came to a slow spin in their circling.

There was a noise of the door to the cabin opening and the captain of the ship walked out. Kes and Arith both turned their heads and looked over to him. He had his hands on his sides and leaned back some stretching a little as he yawed.

"Well, boys, we're home now," the captain started. "Made it in one piece away from Mort again."

"Not yet...," Arith groaned and with that he headed to the other side of the air ship where the ladder was lowered to climb down.

Kes smiled softly as he watched Arith swing his legs over and begin to climb down the ladder. He bid good bye with a wave to the captain of the ship and a thanks then headed after Arith. He climbed halfway down the ladder and jumped the rest of the way down, landing on his feet silently. He turned and looked back to Arith who was walking away from the landing in the field to the edge of the great woods were Emfei Fien was. He ran to catch up with him and behind him he could hear the air ship starting back up to drop people off at more destinations.

Kes caught up to Arith and placed a hand on his shoulder to get his attention. Arith turned just as they reached the beginning of the forest. Kes nodded softly as he looked into Arith's almost troubled eyes.

"Hey, maybe you don't have to tell Lore?" he suggested.

"No," Arith said with a soft sigh, his cat ears lowering some around his head. "I have to tell her about the scrolls... I should anyway, because if anything were to happen, I wouldn't want to endanger her."

"True," Kes said starting to walk into the forest. Arith followed him then after. "Do you know what you are going to do?"

"Not at all," Arith replied shaking his head gently. "It'll come to me. I always get one crazy idea after another."

The two of them walked deeper into the forest along the path. The trees were huge in the forest, at least three stories tall. The branches and leaves that were on them seemed to block out almost all light above. However, small pieces of light filtered down through breaks in the leaves and hit the forest floor like sparkling diamonds. They followed the light on the forest floor and around a curve. Soon enough they came in contact with a large wooden fence, made out of poles from trees, surrounding an area inside. Kes and Arith walked over to the gate of this fence and knocked on it. A few moments later a small rectangular spot in the gate slid open and a pair of eyes could be seen. They looked from Kes to Arith.

"Oh, it's just you Arith," the voice said sounding a bit disappointed. "Hold on. We'll open the gate. Oh, and Lore's been looking for you..."

Arith looked back at Kes and lowered his ears around his head again as the gate started to lift for the two. "They always seem so happy to see me..," he sighed.

Before Kes could reply, Arith headed into the village on Emfei Fien. Kes then followed him looking around at the Sha's of the village. This isn't the first time he had ever seen the village, but the Shas were not like a lot of races he had ever seen. The cat like people had odd shades of skin: pale blue, green, or purple. Arith himself had light blue toned skin. They also preferred to live in the trees. The build would porches around the trunks of the trees, carve their homes in the insides of them, and hung ladders down to climb up to their houses. From one porch to another hung simple wooden bridges with rope railing so they could visit neighbors easier. The Shas had lived in this village for over 200 years and all of them seemed to get along peacefully with on another, except with Arith.

Kes almost ran right into Arith and then looked up as they had reached the tree Arith lived up in. Arith looked back to Kes as he grabbed the rope ladder that laid on the tree.

"Sure you want to come up here?" Arith asked.

"You might need back up," Kes nodded.

With that, Arith began to climb up the tree, Kes following behind him. When they got to the porch, Arith started to pull himself up and not a second before he lifted his head did the door to his house swing open and a vase fly out towards him. Arith ducked quickly and far below he heard the vase make a crashing sound on the ground.

"At least she's throwing vases now," Arith gulped and when he looked back up, Lore was already there. She reached down, grabbed him by the tip of his cat eat, and began to pull him up. "Ow ow ow!!! Lore!!" Arith whined as he struggled to get up onto the porch.

"Don't you 'ow' me, Arithlian!!" she shouted.

"Oh my," Kes said as he pushed himself up standing onto the porch. "She used the whole name." Arith just moaned, trying to helplessly pry Lore's hand off of his ear.

"Oh Kes! Sorry, didn't know you would be coming!" Lore said smiling pleasantly as she dropped her hand away from Arith's ear. Arith sat on the porch, sulking a bit now, as he rubbed his cat ear to try and make that stinging pain go away.

"Don't mind me," Kes nodded politely. "Just making sure Arith got back home and I wanted to see how you and Tempest were doing."

"I wish Arith would care over himself more then you do!" Lore said turning her head to give Arith the glaring eye, her brows narrowed slightly. Arith whimpered some and lowered his ears again, as if trying to hide. "Care to come in? Dinner is almost ready anyway."

"I don't think I should stay too long...," Kes began trailing off but Lore interjected.

"Don't be ridiculous! I know you don't have anywhere else to go, so I insist," she said with a soft smile opening the door to him.

"Well, if you insist then," Kes said nodding as he started to head inside the doorway.

Arith also began to get back up to go inside to relax when Lore pointed at him, as if he had done something wrong again.

"Oh no, you can stay out here and think about what you've done, mister!" Lore warned.

"What did I do that was so wrong??" Arith said with a light frown.

"Going to Mort! Don't think I didn't see the huge airship flying away from the village the other morning heading that way!" Lore answered.

"Oh, Lore, calm down! Okay? I've got more important things on my mind!" Arith shouted.

Just when Lore was about to retaliate, some one came running out of their house. A small boy who was only five years old who looked to be the spitting image of Arith. He ran right to Arith and jumped on his back, clinging to him as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders. His tail was swinging happily behind him.

"Dad, did yous go to Mort?!" the boy grinned looking over at Arith. "Mom was angry! But I twold her I thwink that is shooo cwool! Take me next twimes!"

"Tempest! Don't you ever jump near the porch edge again! You could fall and hurt yourself!" Lore said shaking a finger at him very disapprovingly.

"Otay, otay... Sorries, mom. Hey, is Uncle Kwes heres?" he said his cat ears perking up as he slid off of Arith's back and landed safely on the floor of the porch.

"Yes, he's here," Arith said smiling softly to Tempest. He then leaned down and whispered in Tempest's ear. "Next time, you can come on an adventure with me. I promise."

"Yay!" Tempest exclaimed excitedly with a jump in the air. "Thanks, dad!"

With that, not tall enough yet to reach his dad's waist, he hugged his leg instead and then ran back inside the house to see Kes. Arith looked up to see Lore giving him a stare of question now, her brow slightly arched yet again. Before Lore could say anything else, Arith beat her too it.

"He gets bigger every time I come back home it seems...," he said softly, trying to be calm.

"Maybe if you were around more, you would notice how quick he learns and grows," Lore grumbled.

With that, she walked back inside the house, shutting the door behind her tightly. Arith sighed softly, and sat back down again on the porch. He draped his legs over the edge, swinging them back and fourth slowly. He was causing everyone grief it seemed. He wished that he had stayed around more to see Tempest. In that moment that thought hit him, he came up with an idea for the scrolls.


Arith sat outside for longer then he probably had too. Right now, he was not afraid of Lore so much anymore, but he was thinking about his idea and if it would work. By the time he was sure it would work successfully, the sun had gone done and the moon of Nais was in the sky, the sound crickets chirping softly in the woods was present. He looked up seeing the twinkling of silver stars in the dark blue sky.

Just then, the door to his house opened and he turned his head as it closed behind the person coming out. It was Tempest. He was carrying something in his hands and walked to Arith and sat down next to him. He raised up what was in his hands and smiled softly to his father, as if he were proud of himself.

"I bwought yous pumpkwin bread," Tempest said, a gleeful purr in his voice almost.

"Wow, thanks, Tempest," Arith smiled taking it from him. He leaned down then and kissed Tempest on the top of his forehead. "I guess you're making sure I eat something tonight right?"

"Uh huh...," Tempest said with a nod, his little kitten ears bouncing with the movement of his head. "Mom's kind of mad, so she wouldn't bwing ya anything. Is it good?"

"Mmmm the best," Arith nodded as he petted Tempest's head, messing up his brown hair a little. "You're pretty sneaky, just like me."

"Yeah! One day, I'll be an advwentuwer wike you!" Tempest said with a confident nod.

"Just make sure your mom doesn't find out," Arith grinned with a soft wink to his son. He then hugged him with one arm and Tempest wrapped both arms around his dad hugging him back. They both sat in silence on the porch for a moment watching the people of Emfei Fien walk across the bridges, out socializing. Then Arith looked down at Tempest and said, "So, mom says you're learning pretty quick, huh?"

"Yeah! I can use the wooden sword you gwave me good mom says! Bwut... she doesn't wike it when I practice with her...," Tempest said his ears perking up some in question almost as if he wondered why his mom did not enjoy it.

Arith chuckled softly. "I did not think your mom would like it if you practice on her with a toy sword. What about your studies...?"

"Ehhhh... I don't wike thwose other kids at the schwool. They all make fun of you and I tell 'em to shut up," Tempest replied.

Arith made a face, half of a frown and then shook his head softly looking down at Tempest as he took another bite of the pumpkin bread. He then swallowed it and shrugged limply.

"Don't you worry about anything they say about me," Arith suggested. He placed the tip of his finger on Tempest's nose for a moment. "You just read all about Terre as much as you can so one day you'll be smarter then them."

Tempest went cross eyed for a bit until his dad took his finger of the tips of his nose. He then shook his head to get his view back and grinned, his tail swishing back and fourth.

"Otays... I do wike weading the bwooks though," Tempest answered.

"Oh yeah?" Arith asked for a moment. He then whispered almost to himself, resting a hand under his chin so Tempest couldn't hear him. "That's just what I wanted to hear..." Tempest tried to listen and when Arith saw his curiosity, he let his hand drop and only smiled to Tempest. "If I start reading you a new story, will you promise to remember it for me?"

"Yeah!! I wike your stwories!!" Tempest said nodding his head a couple times enthusiastically.

Arith finished his pumpkin bread quickly then and tilted his head slightly to the side. "But this one is going to be a little harder because-"

Just then the door opened and they both looked back to see Lore standing in the door way. She looked down to Tempest and pointed for him to go back inside. Tempest only sulked for a moment and then started to get up, waving good bye to his dad.

"Inside young man," Lore ordered.

"Otay, otay...," he grumbled dragging his feet some, walking slowly towards the door.

"Don't give me that voice, little one," Lore replied. "Your Uncle Kes is leaving soon and you should bid good bye to him."

"I'm gwoing," Tempest nodded and Lore only smiled, ushering him quicker inside with a soft pat on his behind. She then shut the door behind him softly this time and walked over to Arith looking down at him. Arith looked somewhat pleadingly back up at her.

"You're not going to push me off the edge of the porch are you?" he asked timidly.

"No, Arith, I'm not," she said with a soft sigh. With that, she then sat down on the porch next to him, fixing her skirt around her, letting the hem of it hang over the edge, around the contour of her legs. "Kes told me about today... About the scrolls and when you were in Mort."

"I know, I know," he said shaking his head softly. "Go and lecture me."

"No, Arith," she started. "I'm not here to lecture you. I'm here because I care for you. I want to know what you are thinking of doing with those scrolls. I love you Arith and I want to make sure you make the right choice for yourself and us."

"I don't know if you'd approve of what I want to do, Lore," Arith said looking down at the ground below the trees. From there, he could see the village guards walking the lower parts beneath.

"Arith, either way, I'll find out," she said with a charming smile.

Arith only looked to her, staring into her gentle, green eyes. Normally, they had the green color of vengeance and a spark of evil, but he guessed she only got that when he did something stupid. He wished he hadn't made her so mad all the time. He looked down, the tips of his brown hair framing his face.

"I love you, Lore," he said breathing out softly. "I'm sorry I put you through all of this... I'm not going to do it anymore... I want to stay here with you and Tempest for now on."

"Why such a sudden change, Arith?" she blinked, a bit surprised. "Even if you went away again, I could never hate you. I just wish you would tell me where you are going for once in a while and give me an assurance you'd be okay. I mean, taking off to Mort an not telling me leaves all these worries in my mind. It isn't exactly the safest place in the world for a Sha from Nais. Even a skilled adventurer like you. What makes you want to stay here Arith besides me and Tempest?"

"I want to teach him the scrolls... He's young so it will be easier for him to remember the different language they are in," Arith began. "I can't just destroy them. Sure, the Namares may be after them, but what happens if they could come of a greater use to us one day? I couldn't just destroy them... If that time ever came, it'd be my fault again. But, if Tempest could remember them, then we could destroy the scrolls. They aren't looking for a person, just the scrolls."

"I understand," Lore said looking up at the leaves for a moment. She then fixed her eyes back on Arith. "You found the scrolls, so you decide what should be done to them in the end. But if you ever need help, don't you forget to ask me first." With that, she stood up and brushed herself off and lowered one of her hands down to him. He took it and pulled himself up with her help. "Come inside now. I did save you some dinner."

"Hey," Arith began and Lore turned her head looking back behind her shoulder. Arith grinned almost sheepishly. "Do you really think I am a skillful adventurer?"

"Ugh," Lore groaned shaking her head starting to walk right back inside. "Arith, if I had a frying pan right now..."

"I know, I know," he laughed softly. "It would be all over, but I was just wondering."

"Yes, Arith, if it will make you feel good, yes you are," she said smiling. She turned her head once more to wink at him and then headed inside, leaving the door open.

Arith went to follow her but just then, Kes came out of the house, on his way to leave. Arith almost bumped right into him but he stopped himself. Kes smirked softly to Arith and nodded his head backwards towards the house.

"Things are okay?" Kes questioned.

"I think so," Arith said.

"I wish you could have joined us for dinner," Kes added. "It was really good and yours is probably cold by now. Anyway, did you figure out anything you were going to do?"

"Yeah, I think I got it," Arith answered. "You know how to do an embedding spell right?"

"There are many types of embedding spells," Kes said. "You can embed something into some one's memory, embed them to stone or ice, embed with a seal against evil..."

"Memory. That's the one," Arith said.

"Yeah, I know how to do that," Kes said tapping his boot on the porch softly as he thought. "It's done with a charm that the person will wear. It locks a certain important thing in their memory."

"Okay, from this day, come back in two years and remind me that you know how to do an embedding spell for the memory," Arith spoke.

"You've got something up your sleeves," Kes said eying him for a moment. "Well, until two years my friend... You will not see me much. I think I am going back to Milieu, to Moire Glenn."

"Moire Glenn?" Arith asked with a questioning tone in his voice. "I thought you hated it there?"

"Hate's a very strong word. Besides, I just prefer to be on my own," Kes replied.

"Such a rogue you are," Arith smiled rolling his eyes some.

"Well, I should read up on doing an embedding spell. It has been a while since I have actually had to use one," Kes nodded.

"Then, take care of yourself, Kes. If you need somewhere to come back to for rest, feel free to stop with in the next two year time span," Arith said.

"I'll do that, but until the time comes when we meet again, you should take care of yourself more, Arith," Kes replied.

With that, no more words were exchanged, only a quick friendly hug between the two. Then Kes waved good bye and headed to the ladder to start climbing down. This part inside of Arith made him sad that his best friend was going, like a childish part inside of himself was leaving with Kes as well. They would be away for two years, the longest they had ever been apart. This would be the hardest test for Arith yet. To see if he could teach Tempest the ancient scrolls.


(2 years later...)

The chain of mountains that ran directly over the northern tip of Mort was covered in ice and snow. There they had the strongest and most frigid of winters. It was hardly a place anyone could survive at. However, inside these mountains they called the place Shadowterre, a kingdom of sorts where the Namares lived now. Once, it had belonged to the fierce Orcs who carved away at the mountain, creating a stronghold or fort inside. However, when Zorias was angered by the fall of the Larvaes, he created his army of Namares and first conquered Shadowterre. This spread many rumors around Mort of Zorias' battle with the Orcs, how he defeated them so easily. After that battle, no one dared go near the mountains or try to enter. They were all afraid of Zorias. They did not try and fight him off, but many of the citizens of Mort who actually wanted to wage war against Nais once more, suddenly backed off and let Zorias do all the conquering. Now it seemed like he had something up his sleeves. Zorias did not mind doing all the work for Mort because he liked seeing people suffer and die by his hands in the end. He thought with all the conquering he did, he would become ruler of Mort and then possibly go after Nais and Milieu.

However, many people did not know what was going on inside the caverns of Shadowterre. Many people did not know that Zorias' plans had changed after these two years due to the sway of another mysterious person. The Namares had not noticed the change only because they were zombies and they always had followed Zorias' orders no matter what. Even if T'senai was now giving the orders, the zombies would still do what Zorias told them to do in the end.

Zorias had come to be a zombie himself to T'senai. He still longed for the conquer, but somehow, T'senai had manipulated Zorias. Now, Zorias was sending orders to the Namares to search for these scrolls, which he had no idea what they would do in the end, but he blindly sought for them under the command of T'senai. T'senai, it seemed, was the only one who really knew what they did anyway, but he would not reveal himself to anyone no matter what. He only spoke of the uniting of the three continents in a way no one would ever imagine. His intentions neither seemed good nor bad nor neutral.

At this time, the only scroll that had been found was what T'senai called the "Scroll of Aries" from the Aesta Ruins. He claimed it was a piece of Enfer's heart which made Zorias delighted. T'senai mentioned to Zorias that one day they would find all the scrolls and he would meet Enfer finally. This made Zorias become T'senai's lap dog even more.

On the night when the glowing moon of Mort actually peeked through the misty clouds, deep inside the caverns of Shadowterre, a mere man who had been locked inside the kingdom starting screaming loudly. He was in a prison high up, carved out of the cavern wall inside. It was a small cell, closed by metal bars covered with tiny, iron spikes so he would not try to grab onto the bars. This time he did not care about the spikes and grabbed onto them, shaking the bars until he got some one's attention.

Finally, a Namare was sent to check on him. There was a platform below with a rope and pulley. While the one Namare went up to see what was wrong with the man in the cage, the other pulled the rope so that platform would raise like an elevator. The platform stopped at the top next to the cell and the man slumped down wards towards the ground, relieved some one was here now. The Namare looked down at him from under his dark hood.

"What is it... prophet?" the Namare questioned, a slight growl in his voice.

"I must... speak with Zorias...," he breathed out quickly, wiping his bleeding hands at his tattered clothing he had been wearing for years.

The prophet had been found by Zorias was he conquered Shadowterre from the Orcs. He had been locked inside this cell even then. He was deranged, but quite a few times he had a prophecy which he would demand to tell Zorias. In time, they had all come true, so when the Namare looked down at him after the prophet said he needed to speak with Zorias, then he started to open the cell.

"Come...," the Namare ordered as the door to the cell gently swung open.

The prophet crawled onto the platform a mess. He was bleeding and dirty, a long time stench covering him. It was amazing that he hadn't died yet. The platform started to lower down from the other Namare and when it got to the bottom of the carven floor, the Namares went and bound the man's wrists behind his back in tight ropes and added a rope around his neck as if it were a leash to pull him by. With that, the prophet got to his shaking feet and started to walk after the Namare who was already ahead pulling him. With each pull, the rope tightened around his neck, so he tried to walk faster then he was.

The inside of the cavern had a fortress carved out of stone. It was at least three stories high and if invaders did come inside the carven, it would be hard to dominate the fortress at least. The fortress had jagged peeks all over and no windows. It was hard to tell how many floors the fortress had, but it was a lot, perhaps 20 floors. It appeared to be a small mountain inside the mountain.

The Namare walked past the others who were all busy doing something for a mission from Zorias. He pulled on the rope, leading the prophet in each direction. They came to a large hole which lead down into the depths of the earth. Far below, all that could be seen was colors of orange, crimson, and yellow, indicating lava and fire below. There was a thin bridge running across this whole that had no railing. The Namare walked fearlessly over the bridge and every time the prophet was drug across this bridge, he felt like he was going to fall. He crawled across the bridge, holding onto both sides with his hands, leaving a trail of blood along the bridge as he went. Finally, they got to the other side of the bridge in front of the stone fortress.

In front of what appeared to be just another wall, the Namare raised his hand over it and the fortress shook a little. Suddenly, a door that never seemed there, started to slide open. After it was open all the way, they proceeded inside, the stone door shutting behind them. The prophet followed the Namare down some hallways until they finally came into a room where Zorias was resting, sitting back in a large throne like chair.

Zorias looked up raising a brow at the presence of the prophet who had been crawling on the floor. When the prophet saw Zorias there finally, he leapt up and ran towards Zorias, grabbing his shoulders. The blood on the prophet's hands ran down Zorias' pale skin. Angered that he would be soiled by the prophet, Zorias pushed him aside down to the ground and walked over him, pressing a boot to the prophet's throat. The bottom of Zorias' boots were made of metal and pressed down heavily onto the prophet's neck.

"Do not ever touch me again," Zorias said through clenched teeth.

"I'm... sorry, " the prophet coughed. "I have a... most important prophecy..." he coughed harder this time and blood now ran from the corner of his lips. He struggled to lift the bottom of Zorias' boot.

"A prophecy?" Zorias questioned and with that he raised his boot. "Tell me... but stay on the floor where you belong."

"Yes... I shall," the prophet coughed rigidly, trying to catch his breath as he rubbed his throat for a moment. "There were twelve whispers in my mind. They were in pairs, each speaking to me from a different parts that compromise a being... When all the whispers came together, there were two snakes. A white one and a black one. They started to eat each other at the same time... starting with the tails first. When they could not finish off each other, the snakes melted into the ground and formed together in a puddle. The puddle formed into a seed... and... then my vision ended."

Zorias stood for a moment, recollecting about everything the prophet had said. He then narrowed his eyes down at him, the whiteness of them seeming to burn into the prophet's soul.

"That's all you brought me...? This nonsense?" Zorias said quietly.

"No no no!" the prophet said shaking his head quickly and with that he reached into his robes pulling out an old piece of parchment that was rolled up. "This... was in my cell. I found it hidden under one of the stones.."

"Give me that!" Zorias ordered snatching it away from the prophet quickly. "We do not want you bleeding all over it."

Zorias unrolled the piece of parchment and almost instantly, his eyes lit up in pleasure. He laughed for a moment as his eyes scanned over the ancient writing. He then lowered the paper from his eyes and looked down at the prophet. His smiled softly, the corners of his lips curling into that deceiving grin.

"I do not need you anymore I think...," Zorias said gently. "You've done enough today by giving me this scroll. I will let you go..."

"Oh, you will?!" the prophet asked happily. Almost instantly, tears started to form in his eyes.

"Yes," Zorias smirked and he raised his head up, nodding to a Namare. "Have him killed and rid the world of his stench."

The prophet blinked, somewhat surprised as he was starting to be drug off by the Namares. He started to claw at the ground and fitfully shout out pleading words. His words were heard through choked sobs but Zorias did not care one bit.

"I have another prophecy! Another one to tell you, Lord Zorias!" he cried out.

"Not interested," Zorias said flatly.

"Oh, but I am," a voice whispered behind Zorias.
Zorias turned to see it was T'senai who had crept up out of the shadows. T'senai was peering over Zorias' shoulders at the newly discovered scroll. He must have been watching and listening behind the whole time. Zorias looked back towards the hall and waved to the Namare quickly to bring the prophet back. At the same time, he gave the scroll over to T'senai.

"Bring the prophet back," Zorias commanded. "Now."

The Namares brought the prophet back by dragging him still along the floor. They threw him in front of Zorias' feet once more. The prophet was still sobbing, on his hands and knees, hunched over, trying to collect himself. As he was doing that, T'senai was reading over the scroll.

"The Scroll of Aries.. Enfer's Aura," T'senai smiled satisfied. "Soon Enfer, soon, you will come home to me..."

"One whisper," the prophet choked out, which made T'senai and Zorias look down at him, "was softer then the others. It was not a full whisper..."

"And that is supposed to mean...?" Zorias said an impatient tone in his voice.

"I do not know...," the prophet whimpered.

"The snakes..." T'senai began. "To which snake did the whisper belong to?"

"The.. the white one," the prophet said with a quick nod of his head.

T'senai laughed softly as if he already knew what the prophecy meant all along. Zorias watched T'senai for a moment trying to find out the meaning of the prophecy through his facial expressions. He could read nothing and so looked back down at the prophet.

"You can have him disposed of now," T'senai said through his laughter.

The Namares bowed their heads and obediently started dragging the prophet away, who once again started screaming and crawling at the ground in protest. His yells were drowned out after a while. Finally when the screams could no longer be heard, Zorias turned to face T'senai, the two of them the only ones left in the room now.

"Would you like to tell me about what that prophecy meant?" Zorias questioned.

"You are so curious," T'senai nodded looking down at him. "Ciel had sent part of herself away... And we need to find that part of her. Ciel's part will come one day on this land of Terre and it could be of great use to us. It will go straight to Nais and we shall find it there."

"What about the scrolls?" Zorias asked. "Shall we still search for them?"

"Of course, of course," T'senai said. He placed a hand on his chin rubbing it softly as if he was thinking. "The Namares should be sent out to the continents to look for them, but harder then they have been, Zorias."

T'senai narrowed his eyes at Zorias for a moment, studying the seventeen year old. The Larvae was strange. He had a lot of power, but when T'senai took over his soul and will with his small amount of powers in the Aesta Ruins, Zorias yielded to him easily. Even now, Zorias just nodded when T'senai told him to make the Namares work harder. Usually, if a leader of an army was told to make his troops work better, they would have been angered. Zorias just stood there as if he were thinking about something.

"When we were in the ruins a long time ago, there were some spies there. A Sha and an elf. The Sha was most likely from Emfei Fien on Nais," Zorias began. "I think they heard us speaking of the scrolls..."

"Zorias," T'senai growled low. "Why did you not tell me this long ago when it had happened? They could have told many people!"

"I am... sorry," Zorias said and he almost went into a bow to even his show his apology, something he never did to another person. Until, T'senai stopped him.

"Zorias, you helpless little brat," T'senai said shaking his head as he raised his hand to make Zorias stand back up in his half bow. Zorias stood and lowered his head some now, the tips of his blonde hair just falling over his eye lashes. His eyes were still on T'senai, however. "I want you and some Namares to go to Emfei Fien right away and find the Sha who was there. Maybe they even know something about the scrolls perhaps..."

"We'll leave tonight," Zorias nodded softly, looking back up face to face with T'senai.

"Ten years from now... that will be twelve years since I was reawakened in the ruins. I was twelve when I got my powers... I remember that day clearly," T'senai said with a soft smile. He then shook his head softly, his dark hair falling over his sharp cheek bones. "After the next ten years, I will have my full powers regained to me. At that time, I will go to Nais myself, along with you and the Namares to search for this part of Ciel."

"I do not understand how anything from Ciel will help us in the resurrection of Enfer," Zorias asked suddenly.

"Zorias," T'senai began placing a hand softly over Zorias' cheek as if he were a child. "You do not and will not understand many things I do. I do not expect you to ever question me again..."


"Now recite the final two lines for me and then we'll be done."

"Okay... Mena erosei ta Cielticia ert ferinsa kletctipho circtu. Yoy mena erosei demei pholos ta fena irt Cancer demei irt sictyu."

"Very good. You've passed."

Tempest opened his closed eyes to see his dad still sitting in front of him smiling proudly. Tempest's ears lifted some, a bit perked up and he nodded his head happily. Both of them were pleased you could tell because a common thing with Shas to show happiness was the swishing of their tails behind them. Both Arith and Tempest's tails were swaying gently behind them.

"I passed?" Tempest asked to make sure.

"Yes you did," Arith nodded again.

With that, Arith stood from the floor they were sitting on. In the two years that had passed, now seven year old Tempest had learned the four scrolls by memory. Arith at first didn't think it would work, but then Tempest picked up the language somewhat easily and before they both new it, Tempest would be saying things from the scrolls on his on. He would say the words and practice them, although neither of them had any idea what they meant.

Tempest watched his dad as he gathered up the four scrolls. Lore had been out in the night visiting some friend while the two of them were putting the final touches together. Tempest watched as his dad walked to the fire place in their living area with the four scrolls. He stared at the small wall of flickering flames for a moment, as if thinking about something.

"What are you gonna do?" Tempest asked.

"Huh..?" Arith said turning to face Tempest suddenly. He then looked down at the scrolls and shook his head softly. "Oh, nothing... yet."

Just then there was a knock at the door and both of them turned their heads to look at it for a moment. Who would be knocking at this hour they wondered. They hardly ever got visitors and Lore wouldn't knock to come back in. Arith started to go to the door, but Tempest jumped up and ran to it before him. He opened the door enough for both of them to see and Arith stepped forward some more. Tempest looked up and smiled big.

"Uncle Kes!" he shouted.

"Kes...," Arith said softly. "You did come back..."

"As promised," Kes replied with a smile to both of them. He then looked down to Tempest. "Wow, you've grown little one."

"I sure have," Tempest said as he stepped aside to let Kes in.

Kes walked in and looked around their house for a moment. Not much had changed physically in the past two years, but he wondered if Arith had accomplished what he needed to. He then turned to Arith and walked to him. The both embraced in a light hug and then stepped away from each other.

"It's good to see you again," Kes added.

"You as well, Kes," Arith said with a welcoming smile.

"As I said, I'd come back to do the embedding spell. Did you get your part done?" Kes asked nodding his head to Tempest. Tempest looked back and fourth between the two of them, wondering what was going on.

"Yeah, he knows all four scrolls by heart," Arith answered with a nod.

"All four?" Kes questioned. "I thought you had five?"

"I do," Arith started, "but I wanted to keep on for myself... just in case."

"I see," Kes said with a nod, lowering his head a bit as if in thought. He then looked back up to Arith. "Shall we get this done and over with then?"

"The sooner the better," Arith replied. Arith motioned with a hand for Tempest to come near and Tempest started to move forward slowly at first, not knowing what was going to be done to him it seemed. "It's okay, Tempest. Kes is just going to help me with something... I need to make sure you will remember what is in those scrolls."

"O..okay," Tempest said with a nod.

He walked over to his dad who was standing near a small, wooden table. Arith reached down and picked Tempest up by his sides, setting him gently on the table. Arith backed away and Kes stepped in front of Tempest and nodded to him as he reached in his pocket and pulled out a necklace with small green beads. On the end of it was a charm about the size of a quarter, but in a oval shape. On the charm was a picture of a tree on some ground. The tree represented the tree of life. Kes took this necklace and placed it around Tempest's neck and he looked down as it fell around him, laying on his collar bone. He then looked up to Kes, tilting his head to the side questioningly.

"Now, Tempest," Kes began, "I am going to do what is called an embedding spell on you. It's not going to hurt. You'll be warm for a moment or two, but you won't get any hotter and it won't hurt as long as you sit still. What's going to happen is the words of the scrolls that are in your memory will be permanently embedded in the charm," Kes added pointing to the necklace which Tempest looked back down at. "We're going to do this, because we want you to remember it, but you shouldn't tell anyone else. After the effects of the spell, you won't remember any of the scroll's words, unless your dad or I asks you to recite something. Understand?"

"I do," Tempest nodded. "But why don't you want me to tell anyone else...?"

"It's best not to tell anyone else," Arith answered.

"Okay," Tempest said looking up. "I'm ready then..."

"Now close your eyes Tempest and we'll begin," Kes said with a nod.

"Alright," Tempest said softly, breathing out as if he were trying to relax for the spell.

Tempest closed his eyes softly and stopped moving. He only would breathe lightly for now until the spell was over for the fear of having it hurt him. One his eyes were closed, Kes took the charm between his two fingertips and lifted it high enough so it touched the center of Tempest's forehead. Kes closed his eyes and began to whisper softly in elven tongue. Suddenly, light, glowing blue winds began to circle both of them. As the winds swirled around when Kes spoke, they finally began to drift inward more towards Tempest. They started to drift together and then quickly zipped into the charm disappearing. Kes said a couple more words, binding the effects of the spell to the charm and then dropped the charm softly back on Tempest's collar bone.

Kes stepped back and breathed in softly, trying to catch his breath after the spell. Tempest opened one eye to peek around first and then the other seeing he was now safe to move around. He looked back down at the charm and ran his fingers along it for a moment. He then looked at the two of them and tilted his head to the side in question.

"What's this?" he asked.

"It's a gift Kes brought you Tempest," Arith nodded.

"Ohhhh," Tempest said nodding slowly. "Why did you bring me this Uncle Kes?"

"It's a good luck charm... for adventures you may go on. The longer you wear it, the more successful you become," Kes answered slowly.

"Thanks, Uncle Kes," Tempest smiled. "I-."

Just then, there was a loud banging sound and the tree they lived in shook hard. It moved so hard that Tempest nearly fell off the table and Arith had to catch him. They all looked at each other wondering what the banging was that had made the strong tree shake. Arith set Tempest on the floor and started to walk towards the door now. This was getting him a little worried, especially since Lore was out there. Before he could turn the knob and open the door, there was another loud bang and a plate crashed to the floor, the porcelain breaking, as well as a picture falling from the wall, the frame clattering to the floor.

Then suddenly, Arith smelled the air and breathed in the heavy scent of smoke. Something was terribly wrong. He opened the door not a moment more and stepped out onto the porch. He looked around quickly not believing his eyes what was going on. The Namares were here attacking the village, huge flames of magic fireballs flying into the trunks of the trees. He ran back inside and looked to Tempest and then to Kes.

"What's going on?" Kes yelled over the booming sounds all around.

"Keep Tempest in here!!! I have to find Lore!!" he shouted back and with that he ran to the wall, took down his sword that was above the fireplace, and ran back outside.

The moment he got back outside he slid to a stop for the Namares had started to climb up the trees now, destroying the houses and searching through them for something or someone. He looked to his left to see if Lore was about, knowing she had used the bridges that way to see her friend. Namares were starting to come towards his house and if he left, Tempest and Kes would be unprotected.

He growled low wondering what he should do, his tail swishing back in fourth in anger. After two years, Zorias had come back for revenge, but why? He ran towards the Namares, raising his sword above his head. When they weren't paying attention, he jumped up some and brought his sword down, slashing right through the Namares gooey flesh. Before the Namare behind him could do anything, Arith brought his sword back up and cut through the other Namare. They were easy enough to kill, but they had strong numbers and magic. Not only that, but many Shas in Emfei Fien weren't fighters like Arith. How would he keep them all away? He needed to look for Zorias.

He could smell the trees around him burning and luckily his had not caught fire yet. However, it might soon and then after that Tempest and Kes would be harmed. Just then before he could jump back off the bridge, a large fireball shot up the middle of the bridge and broke it into pieces. Arith fell back and grabbed onto the rope railings just in time. The half of the bridge he was on fell against his tree and he started to climbed back up onto the porch with the ropes. As if nearly falling wasn't enough, Tempest came running out to try and help Arith get back up. Arith tried to get Tempest away.

"Tempest, go away!! Get back inside!" Arith yelled at him.

"No, I want to help you!" Tempest said groaning a little as he tried to help pull him up by his shirt.

"Tempest!" Arith said trying to warn him again.

Having Tempest try and pull him up while he was also trying to climb back up onto the porch was making this a lot harder. Finally, they both got back onto the porch and Arith fell forward some breathing out quickly. He raised his head to Tempest, an angry look upon his face.

"I told you too-."

"Arith!!!" a voice screamed.

He looked over to the bridges to the left and Lore was over there now, running across them trying to get home. Arith raised his head and tried to tell her to go back to the other porch for safety. As soon as he had done that, a Namare flew up on the bridge in front of her. Lore froze in her tracks and started to back away but the Namare was gaining in on her. Arith started to get up, but he wasn't quick enough and Tempest ran to help Lore before him.

"Tempest!! NO!! Damn it!" Arith yelled.

Tempest started across the bridge towards the Namare in a run and leapt up at his head, grabbing him by wrapping his arms around his neck. The Namare struggled to get Tempest off, his clawed like hands trying to peel him away. Suddenly, another small fireball came flying up towards the Namare and hit him in his sides, knocking him over the rope railing and Tempest too who was still hanging onto him.

"No!!!" Lore screamed running towards the spot where Tempest had fallen over the bridge with the Namares.

Arith finally got over to the spot and looked over the edge, seeing mostly fire below on the ground. He looked to Lore and she looked back to him. She grabbed his arms a frightened look on her face and Arith nodded quickly to her.

"Go back home! Kes is there!" he said. "I'm going to look for Tempest."

She nodded fearfully and ran back towards the house. Arith looked for the quickest way back down. He then looked towards the bridge that had collapsed and ran back to it and started to climb down it. When he got to the end of it and as far as he could hang down, he took a deep breath and jumped down. Surprisingly, he landed very cat like on both feet on the ground. He got his sword ready again in case he needed to attack and then ran towards the other bridge where Tempest fell off.

When he got there, he heard Tempest, yelling at some one as if he were struggling to get away. Arith ran forward, following the noises and a couple feet after the bridge he came to a stop face to face with Zorias and a group of Namares who were there holding Tempest who was trying to get away.

"Let him go!" Arith growled loudly, holding the hilt of his sword tightly, his knuckles almost white.

"Oh there he is!" Zorias shouted delightfully. "Now then... Get him and bring him to me!"

The Namares started at Arith quickly again, all like ghosts trying to take over his soul. They ran at him, shooting fireballs, their clawed hands reaching out which Arith had to slice away. Luckily, right now Zorias only had five with him, one of which was holding down Tempest, so the battle wouldn't be too tough. The first one that came drifting over to Arith, he raised his sword and slashed in a circle, slicing off the Namare's head as it dropped to the floor. The second one he ducked down to get away from a fireball and the slid forward, kicking the Namare's feet out from under him. The Namare fell and he jumped up, stabbing him in the gut with a downward thrust. Arms reached behind Arith and started to grab at him which gave him enough time to notice and react, jamming his sword backward into the stomach of Namare. When he turned to face the fourth, he got whacked by a small fireball that sent him tumbling backwards onto the ground.

"Dad!!!" Tempest yelled, trying to get free from the Namare that was holding him.

Arith started to get up, his skin and clothes somewhat burnt now. He picked up his sword again, but pain shot through his arm from the fireball and he tried moving it to his other hand. However, before he could do, Zorias took out that same chain whip and lashed it towards Arith with lightning speed. The chain whip coiled around Arith's sides and Zorias yanked him forward. Right as Arith was pulled to his knees before Zorias, Zorias quickly uncoiled the whip and slashed the bladed handle over Arith's chest, cutting him open. Zorias then kicked Arith in his side with his metal heeled boot, making Arith drop to the floor.

"Burn him alive now," Zorias commanded to the Namare.

"Nooooo!!!" Tempest said trying to reach his hand over to his dad to help him, his arms punching and his legs kicking as well.

The Namare started to form a bigger fireball in his hands, the palm of his dead flesh glowing. Just when he was about to throw it, there was a sharp whistle in the air and something shot down quickly and pierced right through Zorias' throat. It was an arrow.

Zorias choked out a scream and quickly pulled to arrow from his throat, dropping it to the floor. he gripped both of his hands with his throat over the hole that was now there, having a hard time breathing. He looked around quickly as the one Namare's dropped the fireball and went to Zorias.

"Who... shot that?!" Zorias bellowed, blood pouring from his mouth slowly.

Arith looked around for a moment to try and figure out what happened and then before he could get an answer, Kes had jumped down from the bridge and landed next to Arith. He quickly raised his bow and had another arrow ready to shoot, pointed at Zorias. He smiled, almost satisfied with himself.

"That's right... It was me," Kes said. "I always come prepared. In case you haven't figured it out yet, that arrow was poisonous again... Yes, you will die soon. Or I can kill you now. However, that would give your Namares a chance to kill that kid over there Tempest. So, how about you order them to let the kid go and you take your sorry being out of Emfei Fien?"

"You stupid elf...," Zorias seethed through his clenched teeth stained with blood. "Let the kid... go... Now!!!"

The Namare dropped Tempest to the ground and he fell on his hands and knees. Tempest gathered himself up and ran over to his dad hugging him tightly. Arith moaned some because of the burnt spots which were still paining him some.

"Now then... I'm sure you feel you've made the right choice," Kes said nodding softly. "I'm giving you 30 seconds to leave before I shot you..."

"Take me back... now, you idiots!" Zorias growled falling to his knees, the pain swarming all over his body.

At once, the two Namares came to Zorias and gathered him in their arms, carrying him away from the village. Kes watched them, his arrow still aimed, and the other Namares left joined in the retreat from the village. As soon as he could see them out of their site, he turned back to Arith and walked to him.

"You could have killed him, Kes," Arith coughed.

"No, Arith," Kes said shaking his head. "It's different to kill a Larvae. They are creatures whose bodies are made completely of fire. At the moment of death, they burn themselves and ressurect from the ashes, like a phoenix. The only way to kill them is to douse the ashes in water before they can resurrect."

"How do you know all that...?" Arith asked, a questioning look on his face.

"My father fought in the war to kill them...," Kes answered with a nod.

There was a long silence for a moment and then Arith looked back up to Kes.

"Thanks Kes...," he whispered.

"Don't worry about it," Kes nodded. "Two years ago you saved me from Zorias and now I save you from him."


"What's going to happen now...?" she asked looking at him worried.

"You wont like it one bit... but it has to be done," he answered.

Lore turned away from Arith dreading what he was going to say. She walked over to the basin on water and twisted the rag she had in her hand, draining the water from it. She then soaked it in cleaner water, twisted it again some, and then headed back to Arith, wiping the wounds on his chest trying to clean him.

"Tell me...," Lore said.

Arith sighed softly and took Lore's hand, stopping her cleaning for a moment. She looked down lowering her head as if she were ashamed. Arith took his other hand, wincing a little that it still stung to raise his arm, and placed it softly on her cheek raising her head so he could see her eyes. With that, he kissed the top of her hand with the rag in it. After the soft kiss, his thumb rubbed almost soothingly along that spot.

"I... should leave this place... for a long time Lore," he answered.

"What? Why?" Lore said her eyes starting to fill somewhat with tears.

"Lore, they are going to banish me, the people of this village. Who do you think they saw fighting against Zorias? Me... Zorias is looking for me. If I leave the village, he might not even hurt anyone should he come back," Arith answered. "I can't risk staying here and having you and Tempest killed again..."

"Arith... no. That's not the-"

"Yes, Lore," Arith said softly in a nod. "It's the only way..."

"Then take me and Tempest with you!" she pleaded letting her free hand hold onto his tighter.

"No... I can't. The journey is going to be too hard Lore and if Zorias follows me, you two would be in more danger," Arith said softly, his voice seeming even sad.

"I don't want you to leave...," Lore said as a tear crept out of the corner of her eye, running down the curve of her cheek.

"I don't want to leave either," Arith said. "But-"

"He's got a point," Kes added as he leaned away from the wall.

They both turned and acknowledged Kes who had been standing there watching and listening in the living area to make sure everything would be safe afterwards. Tempest had gone to his room to sleep after the attack since was was a bit shaken up. Luckily, their house had not been damaged.

"I'm going to stay away to go into hiding, Lore. It's not safe for me either," Kes said finishing his sentence.

"What will I do about Tempest...?" she asked quietly.

"Tell him I went on an adventure... that I'll be back soon. You take care of him good alone when I'm not here already," Arith answered.

"I was just starting to be glad to have you home, Arith," she whispered. "These two years were so great."

"I'll be back, Lore," he said as reassuringly as he could.

"When... will you two leave...?" Lore asked even more quiet.

"The sooner the better," Arith said slowly. "Now..."

Lore gulped softly and stepped away from him, letting her hands drop from his as if she were letting go forever. She turned her back to him, so he could not see how many tears were running down her cheeks now. Kes looked to Arith and nodded.

"I'll wait outside for you," he said tilting his head to Lore's tuned back, knowing how hard the good bye must be for the two. He then went to Lore and hugged her softly, yet she could not find the strength to hug him back. "I will walk with him, Lore. Don't' worry."

She only sniffled softly, not saying a word to him or offering a good bye. Kes left the house, quietly shutting the door behind him. Arith stood from the table and looked around. He wouldn't need much at all. He knew a place he could go to, so with that, he pulled on his shirt and walked over to a book shelf that was against the wall. Beside it was a cloak rack and he took a green cloak off of it, draping it over his shoulders. He then moved to the book shelf and took the last scroll that Tempest did not read and put it safely in the pockets of the cloak. The others scrolls he gathered up and now that he did not need them, he threw them into the fire place. The flames made a sudden hissing and jumping sound and consumed the ancient scrolls to ashes.

After they had burned away, he turned his head looking behind his shoulder, wondering what he would say to her. He wondered what he possible could say to her. Nothing that would make this situation any better.

He turned and walked in front of her and tilted her face up in his hands, the tears on her red cheeks dampening his fingertips. She tried to close her eyes for a moment, but she couldn't. She didn't want to take her eyes off Arith for the fear this might be the last time she would see him.

"This isn't good bye, Lore," Arith said softly, trying to smile a little for her. "I'll be back... Promise."

"I know.... but I love you Arith," she said shaking her head softly. "I don't want to spend another waking moment knowing you won't be next to me in bed anymore snoring..."

Arith laughed softly and then leaned down kissing her forehead. "Then dream of me Lore, and I'll dream of you too," he suggested. "Then, we'll never be apart."

"I hope they're not nightmares," Lore grumbled wiping her nose with the back of her hand.

"They won't be. I promise that I won't do anything stupid in your dreams," he said with a soft shrug.

Arith pulled her into his arms hugging her for a long time. Lore let her limp arms circle around his waist and her hands rest up against his shoulder blades. She leaned her head on his shoulder for a long time and he leaned his head against hers. He closed his eyes for a moment, fighting back the sadness that was suddenly coming over him. A tear crept out of his eye, only one and landed on her hair, not enough that she could feel. After all, he didn't want her to see him sad. That was the last thing he wanted right now. With that, he gathered himself and moved away, leaning down to kiss her softly. Before they both knew it, each one was pulling away trying to get the sad parting done and over with.

"I guess... I'm going to go now before the villagers come," Arith said looking down and his ears lowered around his head. He regretted showing a sign of weakness right there, but he couldn't help it.

Lore raised her hands and tried to push his cat ears back up. She nodded softly to him and rested her hands on his cheeks for a moment. She looked into his violet eyes and the turned her head away some nodding to the table.

"Don't' forget your sword...," she added lowering he hands now.

"I want to leave it here," he replied. "Give it to Tempest when he's older... Tell him I wanted him to watch over it for me."

"I shall," she said looking back towards him.

There was a moment of silence for a moment after that, where neither one of them said anything nor looked at each other. Then Arith walked closer to her and she raised her head, opening her emerald eyes to him.

"I'll see you later Lore," he said softly. "In your dreams."

"I'll be waiting," she whispered.

Arith then peeled his eyes away from her, suddenly feeling like he was leaving the world behind him. He had always left on trips, but this time he was leaving for a long time. It would be the longest they would ever be apart, and to be truthful with himself, he did not even know if he would be back. He was going to try his hardest to, but for now shutting the door to his house was like shutting a piece of his heart off, locking it away. He couldn't even look up to Kes who was waiting outside the door.

Lore slumped down onto the ground, hiding her head in her hands. She felt like crying, but the hard tears she wanted to cry would not come. Her tears were too painful to even exist it seemed. So, instead she sat on the floor of her house and thought of what she would do with Tempest from now on. Everyday he would wake up and run to kiss and hug her like the good little kid he was. And everyday he did that, she would see Arith in him and want to cry. How would she survive this without breaking?

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