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Weeping Willow

Well, since this is my community, I might as well be the first to post a short story of mine. Also, this might help those of you who are not quite sure how to post in here.

Anyway, I am feeling quite relaxed and calm right now, so here is a short story I wrote awhile ago. It doesn't have a particular theme so I consider it a Miscellaneous piece. Enjoy =)

Weeping Willow

The young, fragile woman sat on the old, rotting dock. She closed her weary eyes, oblivious to the tiny minnows nipping at her small, callused feet that soaked in the cool, calm water below her. A smile hinted on her thin lips when she heard the long limbs of her favorite weeping willow tree dance in the gentle breeze behind her. She felt her friend, the cool breeze, lift her hair off her aching shoulders, to travel down her spine to caress the knotted muscles in her back.

This was her home...

Sighing, the young woman opened her plain brown eyes to look across the lake to watch the setting sun. After all, this would be her last time. She knew that today was the last day of being a child...

Her gaze slowly wandered out and stopped at the golden bridge that was barely seen in the distance. Tomorrow she would cross that bridge that she had dreamed of crossing since a small child. Never had she expected it to one day happen.

Her life had been one long, lonely road, no twists or turns, just one steady heartbeat. Tomorrow she would be leaving her childhood behind, and finally become a mature, responsible adult. Little did she know that all these years of hardship and back breaking labor had already given her wisdom way beyond her years.

The young woman-child closed her eyes again, wrapping her arms around herself to fight off the sudden chill. This was her home. How could she just leave this place?

Behind her, to her right stood a small, rickety one room cabin that she shared with her ailing mother. On the outside, it looked like it was in desperate need of repairs. The old logs were half rotted and eaten away by wild rodents. But in that cabin was her bed...a stove...and a fireplace...all the things necessary for survival.

To the left of her cabin was her favorite weeping willow tree...despite its age and abuse due to thunder storms and a minor fire, its trunk still stood strong and its roots were still planted firmly in the ground. Its long, willowy limbs danced in the wind and she couldn't help but remember how she used to think they were long arms embracing her when she was a small, naive child.

She ran her callused fingers over the moaning dock beneath her, its rough, splintered surface digging into her flesh. The water that soaked her sore feet, the tiny minnows massaging her toes and heels, the gentle breeze, and the sun were all her friends. They were all she knew. They had been with her since she could remember and never left her side in all her twenty years. How could she just abandon them? They were the ones who had kept her sane and safe...they were her companions...

Her dark head quickly snapped up when she heard a whisper travel across her spine...a voice only meant for her to hear. Like she always did when she heard the voice, she smiled...and wept. Only this time she wept away twenty years of hardship, for the golden bridge of opportunity, her new friend, would finally make her childhood dreams come true on the morrow.
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