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Noticed the new community after browsing through Adria's entries.... so....

The quiet nature of the cold..
ravaging the smooth texture of your skin.
Bitterness flushing your cheeks..
tucking your face behind the comfort of linen.

Trudging your way through the silence..
the beat of your heart slowly dying.
But reaches a slow beat instead of letting go..
your own persistence, your own ignorance,
for yourself is to who you are lying.

An occasional string of warmth passes you by..
bringing you from your depths, making you smile.
A cringe, a twitch, a momentary pause of realization..
making that confusion another passing note,
leaving you to walk alone for yet another mile.

Minutes, hours, days pass by..
the dwindling time slapping you in the face.
Making all the efforts you've made meaningless..
the complication of life binding a tight web,
thoughts of survival no longer the case.

Striving in the depths of ice,
skin rough, a darkened shade of blue.
Wishing that something in your journey would go right..
something different, something painless,
something.. new.

Too hurt to move on..
too scared to pass on.
Suspended animation of being cold..
fear of being alone increasing daily,

Yearning the warmth of another..
spinning yourself in the fine strands of deceit.
Others striding past in moments of chatter..
not realizing what this one lives with,
an unnamed feat.

The coldest days of your journey..
never occuring during winter ice.
Always appearing during the warmth of spring,
the beginning days of life.

Couples walking close, the holding of hands..
kissing, picnicking under the shade of trees.
You simply stand there and watch..
the solitude growing again,
the failing of knees.

Crumpling to the ground in the dread of memory..
rememberence of when you were that way.
Tucking your face behind that jacket like before..
your life going cold again, even in the month of May.
Knowing that nothing in your life will ever change..
being alone will always hold true,
every single day.

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Hello there, deary. First I want to thank you for joining my community. Second...I was blown away by your piece of writing. I guess maybe because it is something I can relate to. It seems like everytime you try to take a step forward, or try to forget about the things that are pulling you down, stone cold reality hits you right in the face, making you realize that you have gotten no where. It was quite beautiful, the way you worded it, the description, and the structure in which you erote it. Thank you very much for sharing, hope to see more!
~Andorra~ (real name is Mia)
As far as joining the community.... no problem.

You pretty much hit the story of the poem on the dot.... although I don't really think it's that great of a piece in general, same with the other two that I just posted.... but thank you, regardless.

And with that.... I'm off for the day.
Very nice. ^_^ I liked it, thought it reminded me of winter more then May. Ahhh now you got me wanting winter time. Hehe