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cryptic_minds's Journal

Cryptic Minds
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Cryptic Minds

Cryptic Minds is a community for livejournal members to post their writings and/or artwork and recieve feedback on their posts (comments). The community is open to everyone, but there are a few guidlines. Below is a list of rules/guidelines just in case anyone wanders on here and is curious as to what this community is exactly about, and what they can and cannot post.

Guidelines For Writing

1. Poems, short stories, essays, articles, and your general thoughts are welcome. There is no restrictions regarding subject matter.

2. If your piece of writing ends up being long, then please use an LJ cut. I do not mind if you post the opening paragraph or two, but just make sure that if it is long, use an LJ cut. For those of you who do not know the LJ cut, just go to LiveJournal FAQs. (or email me)

3. I do recommend every author who posts their stories in here to try categorizing their piece of writing. For example, on my own site, I broke my short stories down under different categories since some of my stories were of different content. The major categories are:

A. Erotica (stories or poems that have strong sexual content)
B. Fantasy (stories or poems that have a imaginary lands, fantasy characters such as elves, faires etc)
C. Suspense (stories or poems that are suspenseful, that keeps you at the edge of your seat)
D. Horror (stories or poems that are scary, gory etc)
E. Humor (stories or poems that are funny)
F. Miscellaneous (stories or poems that do not have a particular theme)

They are the major categories that you can choose from. I usually do not like to categorize, but I think it would help others when they are looking to read a story or a poem (the catagorizing is mainly for stories, but if you have a poem and it does fall under a specific category, please specify).

4. I will not be held responsible for anyone's stories being stolen.

5. Also, please make sure all your work is YOUR original work. If there is an article you saw somewhere, and decided to post it and wanted to comment on that article because it interested you, then please make sure you give that person credit for their work. My pet peeve is not giving people credit where it is do.

6. Finally, you will not like every story or poem, or essay etc. This is a community to post your stories AND to recieve comments on your stories. There is a thing called "helpful criticism." It is fine if you don't like a story, and you can comment about it, but do NOT trash someone's writing. If you don't like the piece of writing, say why you didn't like it, and give them pointers to or suggestions to help their writing. I will not accept people bashing other people's work.

Example A (bad comment): "I hated your poem. It sucked! It was really stupid and made no sense. You have no talent."

Example B (good comment): "I really didn't like your poem, mainly because I didn't understand what was going on. Maybe if you were more specific, or changed the wording around, it would flow better."

*note* If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I will answer all questions.

Guidelines For Artwork

1. There is no subject restrictions with artwork, as long as it isn't straight out porn. There can be nudity, or flat out naked people, but just make sure it is tasteful. If the artwork is graphic (lots of nudity or blood), make sure you use the LJ cut. Again, if you don't know the LJ cut, go to LiveJournal FAQs, or email me.

2. Photography is welcome, since it is a form of art. Again, just make sure it isn't straight out porn, and it is tasteful.

3. You must use LJ cut if you have more then two pieces of artwork, or they are large.

4. Make sure your artwork is your original artwork.

5. Again, I will not be held responsible for stolen artwork.

6. Just like I said above for the writing guidelines, please use "helpful" criticism when commenting on people's artwork. Everyone is different, and works hard, and creates differently. What you might think ugly, may be beautiful to someone else.

7. For those of you who might want to post artwork, but do not have a place to host your images, below are links to FREE image hosting sites.


Ok, so there are the guidelines. Remember, everyone is welcome to join. Even though the journal itself as well as the name may sound gothic, this community is open for everyone. So please join and enjoy!!!

Your Community Moderator